Sunday, 6 July 2014

Guide Dogs - Another Month Down For Quip

Sorry this latest post is a bit late, but Quip is just getting bigger and bigger! When I visited my uncle this month, Quip was coming up to 16 weeks old. It's amazing how different he looks in the space of a month, although he looks like he still needs to grow into his paws!

Having Quip has certainly been a learning curve for my uncle Richard. This is because although he's had plenty of dogs before (and some of them from a puppy too), Quip is not Richard's dog. He belongs to the Guide Dog Association and after caring for him and teaching him some of the basics, Quip will leave after 12-14 months for an assessment and go on to have more training in order to become a fully fledged guide dog.

Quip has to get used to having his mouth, ears and claws inspected to ensure he is in the best possible health. Richard routinely checks him every day, as well as brushing and combing him to keep Quip's coat glossy and clean. 

They have both been on the bus together and Quip has also visited the train station too. He hasn't been on a train yet, but this visit enables him to get used to the noise of the train and it doesn't seem to faze him so far. Quip is still quite excitable in the classes with other the other trainee puppies, but he's only a puppy himself so it is to be expected until he begins to calm down.

Hopefully next month, we'll get to find out how much more Quip has improved. He's such a friendly dog and as you can see, I had to get a couple of cuddles with him before we left! 

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