Sunday, 24 February 2013

Not a happy bunny

This is my rabbit Simba, looking very sorry for himself in this photo. We named him this because he's a Lionhead which reminds me of the film The Lion King. I know his name is not very original, but it was either Simba or Mufasa and this way we won't get too many funny looks from the neighbours when calling his name up the garden.

Unfortunately he broke his leg on Monday, which is why he doesn't look too happy in this photograph. We've had him just over a year now and when we hold him sometimes he gets very fidgety. On this occasion instead of jumping into his hutch, he jumped the wrong way and landed awkwardly.

We took him straight up the vets and he had an operation on Tuesday to put a pin in his leg to help mend the break. At the same time we had his teeth checked out, had the wart on his face removed as it was making his eye weep and the poor guy was neutered too! Bit of an eventful day for him! This photograph was taken at the vets when we went to visit him, as you can see there was no shortage of vegetables to help cheer him up. He also had his teddy bear to keep him company as he's on his own.

Thankfully he's back on the mend, although we need to keep him immobilised in order to help his leg heal. At the moment he has one skinny, less furry leg so he's staying in the nice warm kitchen, due to the horrible weather outside. The operation cost a lot of money, but he's more than worth it.

Have anyone got any advice for helping to keep him immobile while his leg mends and have any of your pets got into scrapes like Simba?

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