Saturday, 2 March 2013

A Dancing Shetland... what's not to love?

Sitting watching the TV this afternoon I came across one of the greatest adverts I have ever seen.

Now I may be biased, but there is nothing more loveable than a Shetland pony moonwalking with moves to rival the late Michael Jackson. I know this is the work of some great CGI effects, but the new advertising campaign from Three stopped me from switching over the channel.

The music is great and the scenery perfect (I've got to get myself to the Shetland Islands), but the funniest part is when the Shetland stops dancing as the man on the tractor goes past and carries on as if nothing has happened once the man is out of sight.

Everyone uses the Internet to escape from the real world and we all do that by looking up funny photos and videos. Three have got it right with this great commercial, proving they know what their customers want.

In another advertising campaign the Shetland was used by the Scottish Tourism Board to celebrate 2013's Year of Scotland. How did they invite people to explore the country's natural beauty? Why, by putting Shetlands in jumpers of course. Now if that doesn't make you want to take a flight to Scotland to find your own Shetland and experience nature at its best, I don't know what does.

Now how much does a return flight cost again...

Some facts about the Shetland pony:

At an average height of a tiny 9.3hh, they are generally easy to train and are known for having plenty of character. However, don't judge a book by it's cover as this small breed is also considered one of the strongest and is capable of pulling twice its own weight, which is twice the power of most heavy horses.

Watch the video here:

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